Keith Rhodes Gloucester Artic Lorry Transporter

Artic Lorries Gloucester

With our fleet of artic lorries we can handle the majority of transport request with a variety of equipment at our disposal, from helicopters to aviation fuel tanks, brand new machines for installation to old machines that need to be transported for disposal.

We have artic lorries with crane trailers capable of lifting 23,000kgs, and cranes with a reach up to 13m. We also have a variety of vehicles with tail lifts fitted to them and all of our Lorries have air ride suspension to assist the smooth transportation of your valuable and delicate equipment to it final destination.

The diversity of our fleet enables us to fulfil your demands as our customer, we provide escort vans when required for abnormal loads and we are a member of the Heavy Transport Association.

Lorry Trailer Schematic

Faymonville Schematic Drawing

Our Artic Lorries

80,000kgs GVW Daf Tractor Units – x2
50,000kgs GVW Daf tractor Unit – x1
44,000kgs GVW Iveco Tractor Unit – x1
44,00kgs GVW Scania 6×2 Ridged with 3 axel low loader ramp trailer – x1
7,500kgs GVW Iveco 4X2 flat bed with tail lift – x1

Artic Lorry Trailers

Broushuis 3 axel extendable power steered step frame trailer – x1
Broushuis 3 axel non-extendable power steered step frame trailer – x1
Dennision 3 axel extendable step frame ramp trailer – x1
Faymonville 4 axel extendable step frame – x1
Kassbohrer 4 axel extendable ramp trailer – x1

Andover 3 axel step frame covered ramp trailer – x1
Montracon 3 axel step frame covered ramp trailer – x1
Crane Fruehauf 3 axel step frame covered trier equipped with 8ft 3000kgs tail lift – x1
SDC 3 axel 45ft Flat – x1
SDC 3 Axel 45ft curtain sided trailer with tail lift – x1

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