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Forklift Truck Hire Gloucester

We have an extensive range of forklifts varying from 5,500kg (5.5T) to 27,000kg (27T) capacity. Most forklift trucks have the ability to be equipped with a machine jib, these can either be fixed or a simple slide-on attachment. Depending on the size of forklift, we have the ability to equip the forklift with different lengths and capacities of forks. These range from 1.2m up to 3m (depending on the size of the truck).

Our forklifts are powered by LPG, Diesel or Electric, depending on the requirements of the site, specific forklifts can be selected from the range and tailored to suit the job with specific attachments.

Within our large range of trucks we have High Lift trucks, Low headroom trucks and a JCB Teletruck with a capacity of 3,500kg (3.5T) for any off-road work. We also have an extendable counterbalance forklift, a Versa Lift 40/60 with a lifting capacity of 27,000kg (27T) and are now in receipt of a brand new Hoist Fr Series 25/35, which has a 16,000kg (16T) lift capacity. This is the first of this series of Hoist Fork Lift trucks in the UK.

Our range of Forklift trucks are extensive and we guarantee that if you need a forklift to lift a load, we will have one to suit your needs.

Forklift Truck Schematic

Faymonville Schematic Drawing

Our Fork Lift Trucks

Hyster S40 GAS Fork Lift Truck
Hyster S50 GAS Fork Lift Truck
Hyster s80 GAS Fork Lift Truck
Hyster s100e GAS Fork Lift Truck
Hyster 4ton xl GAS Fork Lift Truck
Hyster 5 ton Xl GAS Fork Lift Truck
Hyster 5.5 ton xl diesel Fork Lift Truck
Hyster 5.5ton xl GAS Fork Lift Truck
Hyster 6 ton Xl GAS Fork Lift Truck
Hyster S7 GAS Fork Lift Truck
Hoist F8 (8,000kgs) GAS Fork Lift Truck
Hoist F9 (9,000kgs) GAS Fork Lift Truck
Hoist F10 (10,000kgs) GAS Fork Lift Truck
Hoist FR 25/35 (16,000 kgs ) GAS Fork Lift
Versa Lift 40/60 (27,000 kgs ) GAS Fork Lift
JCB 35D 4×4 Telescopic Forklift Truck
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