Machinery Storage

Keith Rhodes machinery has a large storage solution on it premises, with 24hr CCTV coverage. We can provide short term storage of a couple of days to long term storage of month even years if required.


All equipment while in our stores is fully insured to the value of the items in question. We can take delivery of you machines directly into ours stores until the required date you wish to receive them at your premises.


For more information please contact our offices


We can provide storage for a couple of days, months or even years in some cases.
The only limit there is to what can be stored, is if it fit though the door, if it fits in we will happy to store it for you.
Our premises is surrounded by high fences topped with razor wire and heavy duty gates accompanied by a foot in height RSJ barrier, There is 24hr CCTV in operation at all times.
All insure is provide to the unique core rage required to the machine