Keith Rhodes Gloucester Artic Lorry Transporter

Moving Abnormal Loads Gloucester

Keith Rhodes machinery are the “Specialists in Motion” can undertake all aspects of an abnormal and dedicated loads, such as wide loads, long loads, oversized loads and heavy haulage.

When Keith Rhodes Machinery are involved in your abnormal load, you can be sure that the items in question to be transported will be completed in a professional and timely manner but most importantly with care and safety. Keith Rhodes Machinery will handle all the traffic permits and all relevant paper work.  We have made this a very swift process due to the years of experience involved in this specialised area of the transportation industry.

Keith Rhodes operate X3 STGO Cat 2 tractor unit which operated up to 80,000 kgs GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight), we have are variety of trailers best suited for the load being transported.

Keith Rhodes has its own Escort Pilot Vehicles which can provide assistance in the safe and timely delivery of your goods. Some abnormal loads legally require the assistance of an Escort Pilot Vehicle. If you require more information please contact us.

Abnormal Loads FAQ’s

What weight can you transport?

We operate STGO CAT 2 tractor units which have 80,000kgs (80ton) gross Vehicle weight

Do you supply relevant paperwork?

We handle all of the necessary permits and paperwork to undertake your abnormal load.

What size is an abnormal load?

The maximum vehicle length 17.75m , maximum width is anything under 3m , maximum weight is 44,000kgs, please note this is Vehicle dependant.

Do I need an escort vehicle?

Keith Rhodes will provide an escort vehicle for the duration of the journey.

What areas do you cover?

Keith Rhodes machinery covers the whole of the UK, from Scotland to Cornwall, Norwich to Pembrooke, we are based in the south west of England in the county of Gloucestershire.

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