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Keith Rhodes Machinery installations was established in 1982, the company started off withKeith himself with a Range Rover and a trailer full of kit, traveling all over the south west doing internal machine moves.  Soon after this he brought a Comma Commando which he fitted a 3t Hiab Crane to. Approximately 3yrs later he brought a Dodge 16tonner and fitted a 5ton atlas crane, within the this year he then brought the first of many forklifts, the next major investment of the company was a DAF 6 wheeler which he had a 26TM Fassi fitted to it. At the time this was one of the biggest crane mounted vehicles in the south West of England. The year of 1985 was the start of a working relationship with Walls Ice Cream. 1986 was when the decision was made to purchase an Iron Fairy, the first of many crane to come and go over the years.

1987 saw the first articulated lorry introduced to the fleet, it had a trailer coupled to it with a 30tm de-mountable crane. Keith Rhodes Machinery Installations ltd would grow in relation the fleet equipment and customer cliental. We provide Services to very high profile customers with in the industry since the early days. Our cliental continues to increase along with Keith Rhodes machinery installations reputation as a leading machine moving company.

Keith Rhodes Machinery installations ltd under takes work in all types of movements with in various industries, from working within the aviation industry, Drinks companies running their own bottling plants to nuclear sites though out the country. 2014 saw Keith Rhodes Machinery Installations ltd to Purchase the first Hoist 25/35 to come into the UK and 3rd off the production line in Chicago. This forklift is a direct competitor of the versa lift.

Who Are Keith Rhodes Machinery Installations

Keith Rhodes Machinery Installations Ltd an experienced and well respected industrial machine moving company, specialising in machinery installations, machinery removals and the relocation of industrial plant & machinery, throughout the UK and the EU. We aim to provide a consistent, quality machine moving service through fully qualified, competent & experienced in-house personnel.

The aim of Keith Rhodes Machinery Installations Ltd. is to provide a solid foundation for undertaking any machine move. We will use our expertise and knowledge of the industry to continually maintain and improve this & build on key principles of competency, quality, professionalism and reliability. As such we provide:

· Project Managers to oversee the project from beginning to end
· Technical Draughtsmen
· Health & safety documentation and advice

Fully qualified and competent:

· Installation / Relocation Engineers
· Site Supervisors
· Appointed persons
· Riggers
· Mechanical Fitters

All of the work undertaken by Keith Rhodes Machinery Installations Ltd is driven by the ability to undertake a specific task with the least amount or risk to employees, client’s personnel and the public both physically and legally. We pride ourselves in our ability to not only get the job done on time and within budget but with the ability to complete the task without injury or damage to personnel, the environment or machinery.
At Keith Rhodes Machinery Installations Ltd we pride ourselves on our flexibility to be able to provide our range of services for all of our customers so no matter how small the job please contact us for a chat and let us see how we can help your business.
General Engineering
Food Production
Oil Industry
Electrical and computer

Top Equipment Requested

Crane Vehicles 70%
High Capacity Forklifts 80%
Small Capacity Forklifts 40%
Transportation 75%
Ground Handling 30%

Our Key Customer Contacts

Keith Rhodes
Keith RhodesManaging Director
Keith has worked in the industry for approximately 25 years. He started the business and is still involved in its day to day running. Keith undertakes most of the site visits and still attends site to carry out jobs. Keith is actively involved in ensuring all personnel are suitably trained and competent.
Chris Palmer
Chris PalmerOffice Clerk
Chris worked in the workshop and on site prior to moving into the office. He has a good knowledge of the job and can answer technical questions when needed. Chris is the point of contact in the office and is pivotal in the running of the workshop and working alongside the Transport Manager to ensure all plant and machinery is suitably maintained and inspected.
Gary Holley
Gary HolleyTransport Manager
Gary Holley has recently gained his Transport Manager CPC qualification and is looking to take on the role within the company starting in early February, 2015.
Ian Franklin
Ian FranklinSenior Engineer
Ian has worked solely for Keith Rhodes for the past 20 years. He has built his way up from apprentice to a senior position through his hard work, dedication and his willingness to learn. Ian has a vast amount of knowledge with regard to moving all types of machines. Ian is highly involved in the running of most site activities and regularly undertakes site visits and attends meetings. Ian is a fully qualified and competent machine mover and HGV driver. Ian is one of 2 qualified Appointed Persons within the company.
Neil Phillips
Neil PhillipsHGV Driver
Neil has worked for Keith Rhodes for approximately 11 years, during this time he has gained many qualifications within the machine moving industry. Neil is a professional, reliable operator with a very good understanding and knowledge of machine moving and the plant used to move them
Simon Phillips
Simon PhillipsSenior Mechanic
Simon has worked for Keith Rhodes Machinery Installations for approximately 10 years, he was previously employed as a mechanic where he undertook his apprentice training and gained many relevant qualifications through this employment. Simon has worked his way up to running and organising the workshop and works closely with the Transport Manager to ensure all vehicles conform to recent legislation. Simon is also a qualified Appointed Person and when he is not in the workshop is a valued member of the machine moving staff, he has a vast knowledge of machine moving and the kit needed to undertake these tasks.
Gary Vine
Gary VineHGV Driver
Gary has worked for Keith Rhodes for just over 2 years; during this time he has used his knowledge of vehicle maintenance and servicing to become a good member of staff. He is competent and professional and an important member of staff. Gary has good technical knowledge and has a unique way of thinking to get a job done safely and on time.
Stuart Loftus
Stuart LoftusFitter
Stuart has worked for Keith Rhodes for just over 2 years. He was initially employed as a fabricator/fitter but has recently taken an interest in the machine moving side of the business. Stuart is an experienced fabricator and is an important member of the workshop staff. Stuart has undertaken various training to be able to work on site and is always keen to learn.