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Faymonville Schematic Drawing

Hydraulic Lift System

Keith Rhodes Machinery Installations Ltd also has a two post-powered gantry system, capable of lifting 18,000kgs. It has a variety of lifting beams to cover the required spans. The compact design enables you to undertake work with limited space.

The two main columns can be easily wheeled into place with minimal effort. The systems break down into 3 main sections for transport, which consist of the two main rams and the required beam.

This piece of equipment is ideal for doing print lines. It has many other uses, such as lifting items from pits. Our lifting equipment is operated by trained and experienced staff, who are also fully trained and experienced in slinging.

Faymonville Schematic Drawing


We have three set of skoots ranging up to 5,000kgs. These are a hydraulic moving system that lifts the load off the floor onto castors allowing easy movement.

Skoots are a diverse piece of equipment and have proven essential when installing switch gear panels and computer servers. These are a small cost effect and safe way of moving items with limited access. They are about the same size a conventional sack truck. Skoots can be steered independently at each end for those hard to negotiate corners.

Faymonville Schematic Drawing

Wedge Jacks

The Hydraulic wedge jack is a very unique type of jack. They have a closed height of 9.5mm, this helps save a lot of time, enabling us to complete a job promptly and efficiently. It enables us to bring a low lying machine up to a workable height.

These jacks have the capability to lift 18,000kgs each, they can be worked as a pair utilising the same pump or be worked individually, this gives us better control of the machine when lifting.

Faymonville Schematic Drawing

Machine Skates

Keith Rhodes Machinery Installations Ltd has a very large selection of machinery skates to cope with any level of demand.

As standard practice, each team of staff are equipped with 24,000kg set of skates. We then have specialised sets that cover up to 90,000kg.

Machinery skates enable the load to be spread evenly throughout the skate, which in turn spreads the loads on your floor.

For the heavier load we have a large supply of steel plate for tracking, to protect and spread the load of the machine even more on the floor. We also have sets kept for what we call ‘clean areas’, which have non mark wheels on them.

Faymonville Schematic Drawing

Unic Crane

The Unic Urw-295 Spider Cane is a very unique piece of equipment. It gives us access where a conventional forklift or crane cannot be used. It has been used to erect machines within pits with very low head room. It also has been used in plant rooms to remove motors which could not be accessed any other way. It will fit though most standard doors in its travelling position. It is equipped with full safe load indicator and remote control. An essential piece of equipment for those limited space jobs.

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