Keith Rhodes Machinery Installations have been working with Hoist Lift Tucks in the USA to bring the first Hoist FR series in to the UK. We are due to receive delivery of the FR 25/35 late January 15. The arrival of this machine is very much a talking point with in the machine moving industry. Not only in relation to Keith Rhodes as a company but also in relation to the performance of the Hoist FR.

The Hoist will enable us to keep up with the demands on the heavier lift forklifts. This truck has been designed with machine movers in mind. It boasts of being the first forklift of its type to have side shift capabilities fully loaded which is up to 16,000kg, fork positioning to allow the  operator to position the fork  without having to leave the operating seat. This can save a lot of time on a job.

Keep a close eye on this Blog to see the remainder upon delivery of the First hoist FR25/35 in to the UK.