Keith Rhodes Machinery Installations, becomes a member of the HTA (Heavy Transport Association)

Heavy Transport Association

The Heavy Transport Association (HTA) is the only specialist Trade Association for the heavy/abnormal load industry.  Examples of members include (but not limited to) abnormal load hauliers, truck/trailer manufacturers, route surveyors, permit agents, consultants, abnormal load escorters, ferry owners, infrastructure owners/managers, etc.  HTA members are consequently a highly specialist group of operators with very different needs over other sectors of the transportation industry.

The Association was originally formed in 1983 and its operator members specialise in the movement of abnormal loads.  HTA Members meet at quarterly General Meetings.  Due to geographic spread of membership, meeting venues generally alternate between the North of England and the South Midlands.  The HTA is a member of ESTA (The European Association of Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes) and has held the Presidency for 3 years.

Heavy Haulage

The Heavy Transport Association (HTA) was initiated by a group of heavy haulage operators struggling to cope with less than clear regulations regarding the movement of abnormal loads.  It seemed apparent that enforcement authorities/police officers were not happy to have abnormal loads on the roads, and so the operators decided that something had to be done.  Initial meetings were informal and then as news of the meetings spread, more and more operators wanted to attend.  This was back in 1983.

The objectives of the HTA were initially heavily focused on issues relating to STGO and Special Order movements and now the focus is also on promoting the professional and trade interests of escort drivers.  Members of the HTA actively participate in meetings and workshops organised by the Highways Agency and the HTA is regularly consulted by the Highways Agency when guidance is formulated on abnormal load movements and self escorting.

Heavy Transport Association
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